Our Process

Why The Padgett Process?

The best remodelers, home builders, developers, and home services contractors rely on customer satisfaction surveying to help them monitor, improve, and articulate the quality of their product. Padgett Building & Remodeling uses Guild Quality, an independent and unbiased customer surveying company, to survey our customers. Here are the answers we receive for why customers choose Padgett Building & Remodeling or why they were satisfied with their project:

• Family Oriented

• Excellent Customer Service

• Loyal to their Customers

• Savvy with Design Technology

• Excellent Design

• Cleanliness

• Professionalism

• Attention to Detail

• Hard Working People

• Dedicated

• Team Oriented

• Years of Experience Throughout Entire Team

• Great Community Image

• Trust

• Stick to their Core Values

• Keep Workers and Home Owners Safe at All Times

• Years in Business

• Insured I Got What I Paid For

• Always On Time

• Always Kept Up to Date on Schedule

• Everyone Goes Above and Beyond

• Feel Like Friends Now

The Padgett Process

Step 1: Call Us to Schedule Your Initial Consultation

Whether your project is remodeling your shower or building a custom home, the Padgett Process starts with a simple phone call. During this phone call you will notice that the Padgett Process is extremely detailed from start to finish. After a few questions about you and your home, we schedule an appointment for a New Home Consultant or Remodeling Consultant to meet with you.  Please reserve at least an hour of time to review what you would like to achieve. The goal of the initial consultation is to produce detailed designs and construction specifications that you can use to decide if the Padgett Process is right for you.

Step 2: Designs, Estimates, and Our Second Meeting

The next step in the Padgett Process is to schedule a second appointment. This appointment will be scheduled during the initial consultation and take place 10-15 business days after the initial consultation. This appointment will take place at the Padgett Building & Remodeling office.

At our second appointment, we review an initial design and detailed construction specifications based upon that design. Our design software allows us to produce a 3-D rendering of your completed project. You won’t have to guess what it will look like from a piece of paper with lines on it! We also welcome questions about how Padgett can plan the perfect project for you. See an example of our design software in the video below.

Step 3: Completing the Design & Finalizing a Construction Agreement

At this point in the Padgett Process, you have decided to use Padgett Building & Remodeling for your project. Thank you for your confidence in the Padgett Process! Padgett Building & Remodeling has built a team of trusted vendors and sub contractors over the last two decades. These businesses represent the most trustworthy companies in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Your Padgett Building & Remodeling Consultant will work with you and our team to choose all of the products it will take to complete your project. Once your products have been selected, we can draft a construction agreement and prepare for work to start!

Step 4: Preparing to Work on Your Home

Once the agreement finalized, Padgett Building & Remodeling will order all products that take time to arrive. Based upon when these products are scheduled to arrive, Padgett Building & Remodeling will schedule your project start date. One of our Production Managers will contact you to schedule a Client Orientation meeting that will take place at your home. At this meeting, your Consultant will introduce you to our Production Manager and Lead Carpenter. We will discuss exactly how work on your home will take place and the challenges it can present.

Step 5: Working on Your Home

Sit back and relax! The Padgett Building & Remodeling team will work in a safe, timely, and professional manor to complete work on your home. Your Production Manager will schedule a weekly meeting with you to address project schedule and any concerns that may need to be addressed.

Step 6: Warranty

Padgett Building & Remodeling has been in business for over 20 years and is moving into its second generation of ownership. You can take comfort in knowing if something is no longer working properly in your home that Padgett Building & Remodeling will be around to fix it. Padgett Building & Remodeling has a full 1 year warranty. Even if our warranty has expired, Padgett Building & Remodeling will help you take all the necessary steps to receive credit for the manufacturer’s warranty.