Remodelers Of Distinction Award Entry 2014 – Kitchen Remodel Belleville, IL

During the renovation process the entire kitchen was completely demolished by removing cabinets, flooring, pantry, closets, old electrical wiring, and lighting. Bracing of the 2nd floor had to be installed by building temporary walls to support the load of the second floor as we removed load bearing walls between the family room and the kitchen. Once the demolition was complete, a structural beam was placed in order to support the load of the second floor. The new lighting layout allowed all new wiring to be installed along with can lights, decorative lights, three way switches, and a service upgrade to the house. New plumbing was installed to accommodate the revised floor plan of the kitchen. This included relocating the water line for the refrigerator and gas to the stove. New plaster board was hung throughout the kitchen ceiling and walls and the entire kitchen was plastered. When the old tile flooring was removed along with the underlayment, it left very rough and uneven surfaces throughout the kitchen and hallway all the way to the front door. New plywood flooring had to be installed in these areas to create an even surface to lay our new floor on.

The next phase of the project included the finishes. Painting on all the walls and installing new tile flooring brightened up the space. Cabinets and granite tops followed this along with installing all new base trim, casing, transition strips between tile and existing hardwood floors, interior doors, door hardware, and installing all new stair parts in the stairwell. The formal living room also had a new fireplace insert installed inside the existing masonry fireplace

New plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, and appliances were the final touches that completed the renovation. The kitchen, breakfast, and the family room now opened up to one another with flow and purpose. The family now can enjoy each other in the same open area while they cook, watch television, read, or just hang out with each other.